7 Myths of Long Term Disability

  • What "Disability" Really Means
  • How to Navigate the Disability Claims Process
  • The ERISA Statute Explained
  • How Insurance Companies "Manage" Claims
  • What to Expect during Litigation

In 7 Myths of Long Term Disability, Attorney Seth Holliday guides you through the entire long-term disability process from application, appeal, through litigation in federal court. Seth explains the 7 Myths that, if believed, stop people from getting their benefits. He then provides a road map for success. Seth’s book will also help you understand that disability really just means that if you have an injury or disease that causes chronic pain, fatigue or diminished concentration, then you can’t work because you can’t focus on a task for very long, you need a bunch of rest breaks, or you would be absent from work several times a month. This is true for both physical and mental medical conditions. So, if you or a loved one has a long term disability claim or think you do, read Seth’s book and give him a call.